Since Last Summer

Since Last Summer - Joanna Philbin

I won a copy of this book from LibraryThing. I read the prequel to this book [book:Rules of Summer|15723152]first, since I had not read that yet. While I enjoyed both books, I liked the first book a little bit better.
Since Last Summer is a relatively "clean" YA Romance novel. I would rate it PG 13. I enjoyed reading this, it was quick moving with lots of drama. There are a few reasons I did not give more than 3 stars. First, some of the things that happened in the story were just a little too predictable and/or unrealistic in an exaggerated way. Also, in the first book Mrs. Rule was a pretty intimidating lady, and in this book she seemed almost desperate for a friend and was a little clingy to Rory. I found that a little odd and unlikely. Another thing that bothered me were the little details the author included that didn't always add up. I definitely noticed at least one instance of this happening in the first book, but it seemed to occur much more frequently in the second book. For example, in one scene Rory's suitcases were in the trunk and she never took them out, yet a few sentences later she was zipping them up... I know this has nothing to do with the story, but these kind of details just bug me, especially when it happens frequently.

Overall, I liked the story and enjoyed reading it. I definitely get a cool sort of vacation-y feeling while reading these books. I hope that there is another sequel next summer, because I would like to find out how these girls are doing!