365 Foods Kids Love to Eat: Nutritious and Kid-Tested!

365 Foods Kids Love to Eat: Nutritious and Kid-Tested! - Sheila Ellison, Judith Gray I have owned this cookbook for many years but don't use it too often. This week I decided to make several recipes from it. Every single one turned out very good. The up side of this book is there are many recipes that I have never heard of before, and there is a whole chapter of recipes that kids are supposed to make themselves. The downside is the size of the pages make it practically impossible to open and it without damaging the binding (it is a small size, not spiral bound, huge binding...) there are no pictures of any of prepared dishes, so if you like to know what it will look like... You are out of luck. Also, the instructions are not great. It almost seems like each recipe is written in a different style, the steps are all mushed into one paragraph. This was one of the first cook books I ever owned, and I didn't realize at the time that it was not the greatest Cookbook. Now that I have had a chance to use lots of other cookbooks, I can see that this book has a lot of issues... But there are some good recipes I here!