Yoga for Anxiety: Meditations and Practices for Calming the Body and Mind - Mary Nurriestearns, Rick Nurriestearns

Literally the first half of the book is the history of anxiety, what it is, who has it, etc etc etc. That part of the book alternated between boring and stressful. Boring because it was stuff I already knew, or had more technical info than I cared to know... Stressful because there were "fill in the blank" type exercises that asked the reader to "Name" their anxiety and determine what "type" of anxiety they have. As someone who has suffered from anxiety for basically all of my life, these type of exercises seemed to provoke my anxiety by causing me to over-analyze, and then reanalyze my possible types of anxiety, sources of anxiety, etc etc. Another thing that did not always jive with me was that some of the descriptions and tips just did not seem to fit with "my" anxiety. I know everyone is different, but it did not bring me a sense of peace to feel that I was somehow abnormal compared to the "real" anxiety sufferers out there.

I enjoyed the last half of the book, that focused more on the actual yoga for anxiety (meditations, poses and breathing exercises). The yoga poses included here are very easy, and the author stresses that anyone could do them. I found the last half of the book to be inspiring, and there were plenty of tips that I feel I could incorporate into my own life.

Overall, the authors have a very kind and compassionate tone, and just really encourage the reader to try their best and that is all that matters.